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Lego Projects

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Lego Box

This is a lego box that I made. My goal was to build a box that I could use so I can have somewhere to put all my lego figures. This box has a special feature, it has a lid with a handle. The handle makes it easy to pull the lid up.



Boom Box

This boom box is built around my mini ipod. The earbuds can be seen on the side and they act as speakers. The ipod can be placed inside the box and the wire loops through a handle so that the wire doesn’t get tangled. The ipod control can be seen in the picture from above.




This is a tower that I built because towers are just awesome things to build with lego. Sometimes it can be hard to build a tower in one colour because it can be hard to find enough lego pieces in the same colour. This is why this tower has different colours in the middle.
When my mum helped me take this photo my little sister  couldn’t help herself from being impressed at my awesome tower and that’s why her hand can be seen in the picture.


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Lego Movie: Melting Room Lego

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Today my mum bought me The Lego Movie Melting Room Lego Play set.

The  lego movie melting room set is just wonderful. I really enjoyed building this and I’m looking forward to building an awesome background for this scene. My goal is to remake a few of the scenes from The Lego Movie because it is one of my  favourite movies.
I loved the detail on Wyld Style and Emmet’s scared face is awesome.

I give this Lego set five out of five stars

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X-Men: Days of Future Past

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In X-Men: Days of Future Past,  Wolverine is on a mission to travel back in time and stop Mystique from killing Dr Trask. Dr Trask is a scientist whose work is used to create unstoppable killing robots called Sentinels. The Sentinels threaten humans and mutants in the future.
Before Wolverine can complete his mission, he has to find his friends from the future, Professor X, Magneto, Beast and Quicksilver to help him with his mission.

I thought this movie was fantastic. My favourite scene was one that involved Quicksilver using his special mutant powers to protect his friends. I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys superhero and action movies.
I give this movie five out of five stars.