Lego Land

My family went on a plane to L.A for week I stayed at a hotel and we went to lego land. I went on most of the rides and slides. There is this Chima wave pool and water park called Craggers Swamp.


This is the entrance of the hotel. The hotel was awesome and one of my favourite things about the hotel was the elevator. Whenever the doors would close, music would start and the elevator became a disco. This is a picture of my brother and I dancing in the disco elevator.


Another excellent thing about the hotel was the lego competition every evening. I made a pirate ship every night and this is a picture of when I entered with my Simpsons pirate ship. I didn’t win but I was happy with how my pirate ship turned out.


In Legoland there was a section where the lego set from The Lego Movie was brought over so we got to see the actual set from the movie which was very cool because that is my favourite movie.


We spent three days at Legoland and on the last day we spent the morning riding a pirate ship ride where you can shoot water at other people. This is a picture of me trying to get my mum.



My favourite ride was this ride that spun you around and turned you upside down. Here’s a picture of my dad and my brother on the ride. It was really fun.

Going to Legoland for my birthday was excellent. I wish I could go back every year.

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