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Booga is the Best


I’m writing about my dog Ooga Booga, but we call her Booga (my mum named her).
Booga is a pug but she is a very tiny pug. She is not a friendly dog, in fact she hates most people (except for her family).
When she sees people she growls and sometimes bites them if they try to pet her. I don’t think she means to be an aggressive dog, because my mum says that she is just scared so she acts tough so that people will leave her alone.

Booga loves to eat and her favourite time of the day is anytime that we are eating. She likes to sit under the table and stare at you with a really cute face until you give her food, but my mum gets mad because she thinks Booga will get fat.

I love Booga even though she can be aggressive with people and she doesn’t listen when we try to train her. We have had some dog trainers try to train her but some of them gave up because they couldn’t get through to her.
Even though Booga is a badly behaved dog, we still love Booga and she’s part of our family.


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