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Pokemon the video game is really fun because you can play other people in the world and also you can technically walk around anywhere. there is two main characters and they are ash and Pikachu ash is the trainer of of pikachu and pikachu is legendary Pokemon.


Lego Land

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My family went on a plane to L.A for week I stayed at a hotel and we went to lego land. I went on most of the rides and slides. There is this Chima wave pool and water park called Craggers Swamp.


This is the entrance of the hotel. The hotel was awesome and one of my favourite things about the hotel was the elevator. Whenever the doors would close, music would start and the elevator became a disco. This is a picture of my brother and I dancing in the disco elevator.


Another excellent thing about the hotel was the lego competition every evening. I made a pirate ship every night and this is a picture of when I entered with my Simpsons pirate ship. I didn’t win but I was happy with how my pirate ship turned out.


In Legoland there was a section where the lego set from The Lego Movie was brought over so we got to see the actual set from the movie which was very cool because that is my favourite movie.


We spent three days at Legoland and on the last day we spent the morning riding a pirate ship ride where you can shoot water at other people. This is a picture of me trying to get my mum.



My favourite ride was this ride that spun you around and turned you upside down. Here’s a picture of my dad and my brother on the ride. It was really fun.

Going to Legoland for my birthday was excellent. I wish I could go back every year.

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  • Ben
  • frank
  • oliva
  • bean
  • siena
  • hector

main character

Ben actually started the club putting balls in his homeroom. his done some pranks with his group P.T.A.  Ben gets in trouble a lot from hector.



This book is about a prank club in their school. everyone in the school likes them. they are a group of sixth graders if you want to know.


I rate this book 5/5 stars. If you like books with pranks and humor I recommend this book to you.

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Rocket From Guardians of the Galaxy

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This week I went and saw Guardians of the Galaxy in 3D at the Pacific Science Centre.
The movie is about a team of people and aliens who are trying to save the galaxy from being destroyed by a very powerful orb.
The team includes Star Lord (who is a human and a thief), Gamora (an assassin) , Groot and Rocket (a pair of bounty hunters) and Drax (a prisoner).
My favourite character was Rocket, a racoon alien who has been created after he was experimented on, so he acts like a human.
He is very funny and he has a machine gun and he is the only one in the universe who can understand Groot (who only speaks one sentence “I am Groot”). He has escaped twenty three jails and one with his team. He is the wildest guy in the team, which is why I think he’s the best character in the movie.

I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys fun and Marvel superhero movies. I give this movie a rating of five out of five stars and I would recommend watching it in 3D.


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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

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The Chamber of Secrets is the second book in the Harry Potter series and it is about a secret chamber that is hidden at Hogwarts that Harry and his friends try to find.

The book starts off with Harry Potter and his best friend Ronald Weasley missing the Hogwarts express and having to drive to Hogwarts using Ron’s dad’s car. Of course this is a Harry Potter book so they don’t drive on the road but they fly in the sky because the car is enchanted.

After Ron and Harry arrive at Hogwarts and get into trouble for being spotted in a magical car and for crashing into the ancient and enormous Whomping Willow, they settle into their second year at Hogwarts.
In the Chamber of Secrets Harry discovers a diary belonging to Tom Riddle and Harry spends the year trying to figure out where the Chamber of Secrets is, because it is a place that Tom Riddle visits.

My favourite part of The Chamber of Secrets was when Ron, Hermione and Harry go to Headless Nick’s death party because i loved the descriptions of some of the ghosts of Hogwarts.

I thought was really good and I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

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Ron Weasley

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I’m writing about Ron from Harry Potter because he is funny in this series. I like Ron in the 5th book, Order of Phoenix, when he’s bringing the 1st years to their tower and he says “hey you lot, midgets.”. Most of the time he whines about people like Snape, his potion teacher. He also has a rat called Scabbers, but his rat is a Death Eater and also Voldemort’s servant.

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Booga is the Best

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I’m writing about my dog Ooga Booga, but we call her Booga (my mum named her).
Booga is a pug but she is a very tiny pug. She is not a friendly dog, in fact she hates most people (except for her family).
When she sees people she growls and sometimes bites them if they try to pet her. I don’t think she means to be an aggressive dog, because my mum says that she is just scared so she acts tough so that people will leave her alone.

Booga loves to eat and her favourite time of the day is anytime that we are eating. She likes to sit under the table and stare at you with a really cute face until you give her food, but my mum gets mad because she thinks Booga will get fat.

I love Booga even though she can be aggressive with people and she doesn’t listen when we try to train her. We have had some dog trainers try to train her but some of them gave up because they couldn’t get through to her.
Even though Booga is a badly behaved dog, we still love Booga and she’s part of our family.


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Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone & Quidditch

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philosophers stone quidditch

I have been reading the Harry Potter series over the summer. I started the Philosophers Stone a few weeks before the end of school in June and I just finished The Deathly Hallows this week.
The Harry Potter series are the best books that I have ever read and I’m going to be blogging about some of my favourite things about the books over the summer. This post is dedicated to Quidditch and the first book in the Harry Potter series, The Philosophers Stone.

Harry Potter gets chosen as the seeker in his first year at Hogwarts. All of his team have been there longer than he has, and his team mates are Wood, Katie, Angelina, Fred, George and Alicia.
The first game that Harry plays as a seeker is against Slytherin and as Ron and Hermione watch the game, they realise that the game has been enchanted and someone is trying to hurt Harry. So Harry has to play a very tough game while Hermione thinks that Professor Snape has cursed the game and sets his cloak on fire.
Harry doesn’t know about the game being cursed but he is the best player in the game and he winds up catching the snitch (in his mouth!).
I really liked this first book because it made me want to read the second one. Quidditch is one of my favourite things about the Harry Potter books and Harry Potter becomes a better player every year.

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The Lego Movie

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The Lego Movie is one of my favourite movies. I saw it at the cinema when it first came out and we also have it on iTunes so I usually watch it around twice a week.
My favourite thing about the movie is that it’s funny and it also gives me ideas about creating new things with Lego. My favourite character in the movie is Vitruvius because he’s funny and he makes up funny prophesies.

The Lego movie is about Lego people called master builders who are trying to find the piece of resistance and using it to stop the most powerful weapon in the universe…THE KRAGGLE!
The person that finds the piece is called the special.The special is called Emmet which most people say he is just an ordinary construction worker but Emmet learns that he is special…but I’m not going to ruin it for you because you need to watch it!
The Lego movie is also about using your imagination and how sometimes you need to not follow the instructions and create more awesome and interesting things. Sometimes you can make more interesting things when you try to do something different to other people.

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Take Your Kid To Work Day

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Yesterday was Take Your Kid To Work Day at Microsoft. My dad works at Microsoft so Zac and I got to spend the day at Microsoft with our dad.
Microsoft is really really REALLy big! My dad is a designer for Office so we spent most of our day in his building but we did get to spend some time visiting the company store, the X-Box One room and on the sporting field.
The X-Box One room was awesome with lots of cool games to play. We also visited the sporting field that had a jumping castle, sports games and the Seattle Sounders were meeting with kids but I didn’t meet with the players.
Afterwards we had lunch (orange crush and pizza) and then we spent some time in my dad’s building while he did some work and I played fusbol with my brother (I won 111-18).
I had fun hanging out with my dad and it’s pretty cool having a dad who works at Microsoft. Maybe one day I will work at Microsoft too!